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Factors to Consider when Structuring a Business

October 2011

There is no one best business structure. Every person's circumstances are different so what might be an appropriate structure for one person may not be an appropriate structure for another. Further, often more than one type of structure may suffice and so a choice needs to be made.The most important...

Asset Protection and Trusts

October 2011

Asset protection becomes more important as a person's wealth increases and as a person faces greater risks. These risks often arise when a person works in a managerial or partner capacity in an organisation, such as a director, partner or as a trustee. A person's wealth is also at risk where they run...

Business Structuring

August 2010

Our main objectives in providing a service to implement the best business structure for your needs are to:Achieve adequate asset protection Ensure tax flexibilityIn many cases this is possible through the use of trusts.Our service includes:Meeting to find out about your business Research...

Property Investments & Trusts

May 2009

One of the benefits of a negatively geared property investment is the ability to deduct the losses incurred against other income. For this reason many investors register property investments in their individual names. Although this achieves their tax objective it does not provide tax flexibility nor...

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